Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Inspection for Electromotors, Generators, Switchgears, UPS, etc.


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Supply of Electrical and Mechanical Components:


Protection Relays: GE, Siemens, ABB

Low- and Medium Voltage Electromotors: Steinlen, Siemens, ABB

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplys (UPS)

Bluesun, founded in 2004, as a superior photovoltaic manufacturer, is
devoted to the R&D and the production of crystalline silicon solar cells
and modules for 17 years. The company has its sales areas spread all
over more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and the
cumulative historical shipments exceeded 12 GW.

Tile roof solar mounting system with great flexibility mainly used for residential roof, and use aluminum alloy rail with
stainless steel roof hook to install, suitable for installing framed and frameless modules flushed to the pitched roof.
Special extruded aluminum rail , pre-assembled clamps and varied roof hooks or brackets with tilt-in module ensure
easy and quick installation .


Combined Heat and Power Container Systems (CHP):

The Container Systems are based on the German and European high quality standards.

The supplier is ISO certified and implements DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.



• Calculation and construction using advanced 3D (3 Dimensional)

• Fully welded steel construction

• The special construction according to the requirements

• Optimized sound and heat insulation

• Based on a standard, the container floor is designed as an oil drip pan

• Resistant to corrosion by multi-layer coating

• Friendly design with integrated crane rails for installation



• Feasible sizes

• Quick setup

• Easy Handling

• Easy Installation and commissioning on site

• Dismountion is possible

• Suitable for hot and cold regions

• Optimal design and assembly at the manufacturer headquarters in Germany

• Combinations of different uses in one container are possible

• Low-cost alternative to a building


Application as mobile housing for:

• emergency Power Systems

• switchgear and steam generators close to eachother

• hot water, steam or cooling generators

• battery or cell storage

Natural Gas CHP



Biagas CHP Container



Event Management for Professional Seminars and Training Courses:


- High Voltage materials (solid, liquid, gas)

High voltage and high power cables

High voltage measuring Techniques

- High voltage laboratories

Partial discharge

- Low and medium voltage switchgears

- Behavior of high voltage cables, insulators, transformers and electro motors considering electrical, dielectric, thermal and mechanical parameters under new and aged condition.

- Production of high voltage composites and nanocomposites and investigation of their electrical, dielectric, thermal and mechanical parameters under new and aged condition.

Photos: Seminar on solid insulation systems and medium voltage epoxy resin transformers
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